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Seeds And Smiles - Buy Top Quality Seeds With Free Worldwide Shipping

5 Quisqualis indica Seeds, Rangoon creeper or Chinese honeysuckle,


Quisqualis indica ,Combretum indicum, also known as the Rangoon creeper or Chinese honeysuckle, is a vine with red flower clusters and native to tropical Asia. It is not closely related to the true honeysuckle species Lonicera tragophylla which is also called the Chinese  honeysuckle

Germination Tips

The below information will help you get good results from your seeds

Snip off the pointed tip of a shell just enough so water can penetrate it if you wish to speed germination of the kernel inside. If you would like even more rapid germination, use your fingers to peel off the rest of the somewhat brittle shell, being careful not to damage the kernel.

Soak the fruits or extracted kernels in a covered container of lukewarm water overnight. Fill seedling pots with a mixture of half seed sowing mix and half sand. Plant one fruit or kernel in each pot one inch deep.

Cover the pots with plastic wrap to keep the mix damp. (Place them on a seed-starting heat mat if necessary to provide temperatures in the upper 70s or low 80s Fahrenheit.) Continue to water as necessary to keep the mix consistently moist but not soggy. Watch for sprouts in as little as five days for completely shelled kernels or in as long as six to 12 weeks for those still encased in their fruits.

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