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Seeds And Smiles - Buy Top Quality Seeds With Free Worldwide Shipping
Seeds And Smiles - Buy Top Quality Seeds With Free Worldwide Shipping

List of Plants, Tree, Shrubs for sale



 1.Abrus precatorius(Lal Geri)

An ornamental tree with small red berries black eye, the seeds are used for weighing gold.


2.Acorus calamus variegates

Dwarf pot and border plant, variegated leaves green creamy white.



3.Aeschynanthes Lobbianus (Lipstick flower)

Beautiful orange scarlet flowers trailing habit



4.Agethes serpens(Monkey chilly)

Red  flowers like cigar, good for bonsai.


5.Amaryllis hippeastrum fine mixed

Large trumpet flowers in various forms in 6-8 colour shades mixed.



6.Anthurium Scherzerianum

Mixture of colours , has lasting quality like plastic, flowers like a tongue.


7.Anthurium Andreanun hybrids in 3-4 colours mixed, heart shaped leaf, good for cut flower , flowers like tongue.


8.Ardisia humilis-Dwarf plant with red berries

9.Arundinea bambusaefolia(Bamboo orchid)

Light purple flowers  free bloomer

  • -         Bambusaefolia hybrids- Large cattleya like flowers deep purple
  • -         Chinensis – Dwarf in habit , light pink flowers. Miniature , a native of china


10.Aspidestra Elation variegeta- decorative form having attractive leaves alternatively striped and banded green and white in varied width.


11.Azalea  japonica Series:

-Akebono- bluish white flowers small

-Formosum – medium height  flowers resemble like Rhodendron , white flowers also called  A.hasiana, a shy propagator.

-Hosokawa- Purple flowers in profusion in Feb-mar.

-Kaempferia – Red flowers , same same as below but flowers, smaller and late  flowering than other variety.

-Kaemperferia var.semperflorens, intense red and attractive when in flower , mini leaf.


12.Azalea Ledifolium var Leucantha –Pure white flowers .

-Magnifica – white spotted crimson throat

-Oriuki Shibori – Two colour flowers, in a plant white and pink.

-Sublanceolatum – Brick red flowers when mature, rare colour in Azalea , profuse flowering.

-Lavender beauty- Lavender colour

-Indica Red Bird – Late flowering.

-Japonica variegated leaf pink , flowers like Hosokawa.

-Indica dwarf(New) in 4 to 5 colours semi double.


12.Dwarf bamboo(Good for bonsai and hedging)

-Chinensis A native of China , ornamental small foliage for hedging and borders.

-Aurea stricta mini bamboo small yellow and green stripes for pots.


  • -         Argentea Striata- Same as above but white and green foliage for pots and indoors.
  • -         Nanus japonicus dwarf var with leaves irregular green variegation upto 3 ft.
  • -         Phylostachys nigra( Black bamboo)Height 15-20 ft tall .Very rare.
  • -         Arundina japonica – Arrow bamboo green straight.



13.Begonia Rex Type Series( Ornamental leaved for indoors)

Acetosa –Heart shaped leaves, dark green and hairy, reverse of leaf tan colour.

Alba –Leaves pure white and green veins.

14.Bowringhii – Coppery green leaf and glossy.

Crispa – Leaves large brown and transparent.

Cristata – Cristate form of leaves, curious knots and fringed new.

Fairy – Leaf splashed with green ground.

Rajah- Centre ground green and splashed patches and spotted white.

Lacianata- Green leaves zoned, silvery round leaf handsome local variety.

Maculata – Dark green/brown lathery leaf.

Rubro Venia – Lanceolate leaves , bright green and mixture of green and dark green shades.

Salamander – Attractive leaf dark green margines, white dots , subject to availability.

Nigra – Miniature leaved variety blackish colour.



15.Begonia Tree Variety:

Carollina evergreen fibrous rooted perennial pink flowers.

Fuschoides fls like small fuschia , pendulous for hanging pots and baskets.

President’s carnot- Tree begonia bright red colour, leaf spotted white.


16.Berberis Puppurea – Ornamental tender leaf green with red hue, matured leaf turns red foliage.

17.Begonia Semperflorens fibrous rooted perennial sunproof prolific bloomer red and pink colour shades.

18.Bilbergia Coccinnea – Evergreen foliage with red flowers.

19.Buddleia macrosatchys – Whole stem leaves and whole plant wooly hairs.

  • -         Asiatica – Bhimsen Patey , white racemes of tall shrub.


20.Camellia Double japonica (tube grown)

  • -         Lavenia Megi – Bicolor flowers white and red
  • -         Red Warrantha- peony type flowers dark redl ful double flowers multi petalled.
  • -         Otome – Pink flowers .Good shape.
  • -         Ko Otome – Bright pink flowers.Shy propagator.
  • -         Pink Warrantha – Peony type multipetalled bright pink flowers.
  • -         Assorted types and colours fine mixed.


21.Begonia fibrous rooted perennial- Rex type lanceolata lance leaves green and center line white.


22.Belaprone oblongata – Light red flowers chain like character.


23.Chlorophytum elatum vitatum variegata (Spider Plant)-

Ornamental for rockeries and hanging baskets.


24.Cassia fistula(Raj Brikha)- A tree of medium height with deep yellow flowers in August- September.


25.Curcuma zeodaria mxd (Ginger lily)

Robust perennial herb with rhizomatous roots like ginger plant.

26.Calla Aethiopica (Richardia white lily)


27.Clerodendron Colebrookianum- Tall shrub flowers white followed by red berries for decoration.

Squamatum- Dwarf shrub large heart shaped huge pinnacles of bright scarlet flowers.

Squamatum white – A new variety of above cross hybrid.

Thompsonii – Bleeding heart , beautiful climber , interior white and outer petals red , good among clerodendrons.


Clivia Miniata – (Thong lily)

Dumbells of orange scarlet  and other red shades.A rhizomatous large size plant.

  • -         Medium sized plant.
  • -         Small sized plant.


Cryptanthus ( Succulent) Bivitatus minor

Zonathus zebrianus

Acualis red  foliage

Yellow variegeta


Crossandra undulaefolia – Orange flowers


Cuphia miniata nanus dwarf cigar flowers – dwarf a natural bonsai , blooms almost throughout the year, best propagator.


Costus speciosus – Cane lily white flowers

  • n -- Variegatus – Ornamental new deciduous , a rhizomatous plant for pots and indoors.
  • n Caladium bicolor assorted fine mixed in 6 to 7 colours , mixture dormant in summer.
  • n Desmodium Gyrans – Telegraph plant. Leaflets sensitive to sound .
  • n Dianella Variegeta –Ornamental leaved plant, ribbon like white strips as some come out green.
  • n Dorostania Africanus – Ornamental pot plant with peculiar flowers, glossy green leaves.
  • n Epiphyllum Violacea – (Christmas cactus) Flowers during December- January bright red flowers chain like formation.
  • n Eurya Japonica variegeta –A miniplant of white and green variegation for pots and borders.
  • n Euphorbia mini –(Succulent) Small red plant flowers.
  • n Forsethia spectabilis – Dwarf shrub herbaceous with small small trumpet like red white flowers.
  • n Gardenia grandiflora – Height upto 8-10 ft double highly scented white(Indra kamal).
  • n Geranium double 4 to 5 colour mixture
  • n Gerbera double hybrids in 12 different named colour from our selection.
  • n Gladiloi American strains in 10-12 different named varieties.
  • n Haemanthus multiflorus –(Kalbreyii)Football lily , scarlet red flowers like ball.
  • n Howarthia Ornamental form like cabbage.
  • n Howarthis fasciata succulent pyramid shape of growth.Ornamental looking.
  • n Hoya cornosa Sikkimensis – Trailing habit thick obvate small leaf bunches of waxy pinkish white flowers like earring.
  • n Hypothosis Sanguineus – Polka dot plant –Perennial leaf splashed or dotted pink .Good propagator.
  • n Iris Japonica Tectorum
  • n Ivy (Hedera) variegeta –Leaves variegated like duck foot small leaved variety.
  • n Jasmine small tree with profusion of semi-single golden flowers in Jan-feb.
  • n Alba – Fragrant scented double flowers of white flower with light pink hue change colour as they mature.
  • n Justicia carnea (Jacobian lily) Red flowers.
  • n Kalachoe Tomentosa (Succulent)Like lambs ear hairy white.
  • n Blossfieldiana red flowers thick leafed succulent
  • n Kerria japonica – Flowers full double yellow like mini rose and attractive.
  • n Linum tetragyanum (Reinwardii) Flowers golden yellow during midwinter for rockeries.Hardy and carefree.
  • n Mimosa pudica – Sensitive plant , touch me not has medicinal properties.
  • n Monstera deliciosa – Stout woody stems close joint knots, leathery  leaves with irregular holes and cuts in leaf large.
  • n Yellow variegation , yellow and green  .
  • n White and green variegation , subject to variegation.
  • n Monstera Oblique natural holes on leaves , character different than above.
  • n Mussandra Roxburghii – Small shrub flowers white, sepals small yellow.
  • n Melodinus Monogenous Hardy semi shrub with fragrant white flowers leaves resembles Litchi.
  • n Nerine Sarniensis – Blood Lily
  • n Neorlgia Splendens(Succulent) Green leaf tipped red
  • n                Marmorata
  • n               Ampullacea
  • n                     Tristris
  • n                Violecea
  • n Zebrinus miniature
  • n Bicolour
  • n Tricolur

Ophiopogon Jahuran Variegatus- Ornamental leaves stripped creamy- yellow on green ground, good for ,massing end borders, ornamental  grass for covering ugly places.

  • -         Citratus – Characterstics as above but foliage white and green ribboned, quick propagator

Passiflora golden giants – Large yellow fruiting.

  • -         Perfecta (Edulis) , passion fruit.

Persekia Aculeatea – Succulent red yellow  foliage dark to light green leaves , reverse red for covering places and fencing open sun.


Petrea volubilis – Attractive shrub with coarse leaves , racemes of light blue flowers, in garland form.


Phaius Wallichi (Ground Orchid)

Brown and white colour


Philodendron imbe – Large leaves , ornamental climber

  • -         Sellium – Large umbrella shape form, ornamental
  • -         Pendraeformis – Medium climber, unusual middle leaf leathery dull olive green texture.
  • -         Imbe rubra –
  • -         Black prince – Chocolate black colour , large leaves , very ornamental and shy propagator.
  • -         Bastatum – Large broad leaf , heart shaped ornamental.
  • -         Lanceolatus –Trilobed leaves, showy sp. For indoors.

Peperomia Heracleifolia

  • -         Metallica – Metallic green leaves
  • -         Rubra reddish colour leaf
  • -         Obtusaefolia variegeta , suitable for indoors
  • -         Obtusaefolia green


Platycerium Alcicorne –Stag horn fern, large size

Medium size

Small size

Poiisettia Rubro – Succulent red leaf.

Porthos Marble Queen –White leaves margines in edge green.

Porthulaca grandiflora – Succulent with branchy form with small thick leaves, a natural bonsai.

Poronia Paniculata – Bridal creeper, white flowers small pan shaped  leaves.

Phormium Tenax Rubra – New Zealand  flax red leaved

Podocarpus sp. Tree of Medium height , ornamental

Podocarpus Gracilior – Leaves thinner than above.

Rhipsalis Salicornoides – Drunkards dream , yellow flowers

Sansievera (Succulent) Cylindrical pencil like stems

                                    Macrophylla – Zebra striped

                                     Zeylanica flat leaves with green margines on yellow.


Schefflera Arboricola – Dwarf , umbels  of hardy shining fine leaves suitable for indoors , bonsai training .

  • -         Arboricola variegata – Variegated leaves


Sedium morganianum – Long garland like racemes , ornamental showy for hanging purpose , succulent.

--------- Recurva – Small leaflets , minature plant with small yellow flowers.


Sempervivum (Rose  cactus ) Forms like a cabbage.

Spiria Anthony Waterer Dwarf white and bright pink flowers , some leaves come variegated.



Stenocarpus Sinuata – Fire wheel tree of Australia , ornamental leaf, flowers like red wheel decorative when young for pots , medium size.


Strelitzia reginae –“Bird of Paradise ” Bird Tongue flowers

Large plant

Medium size Plant.


Streptsolon Jamesonii(Tara Mandal) Orange flowers in cluster

Strobilanthus Dyreanus – Dwarf shrub with pencil art in middle leaves on green ground white or red marking and spots.


Thea Chinensis – (Tea Plant)

Tea made from its flowers.


Vinca Variegeta – Trailing habit, variegated vinca








Asparagus  Cupressoides   ( All  polybag  grown )  fine


Compact  fronds ………………………………………..

  • -         Meyerii - bushy  plant with cone shape…………….
  • -         Myriocaladus – rare bushy compact , evergreen
  • -         Popular for showy rooms……………………………
  • -         Plumosus Prymidalis leaves ornamental like a cocks

Tail, showy…………………………………………..

Aaa Scanders – leaves similer to bamboo ,  trailing asparagus


  • -         Deflexus - thorny frond like ,  bright green
  • -         Bigonia Tweediana- light climber with yellow  flowers
  • -         Venusta golden shower ,  large heavy climber with huge
  • -         Clusters of tubular flowers
  • -         Magnifica - heavy climber with pink trumpet like flowers
  • -         Bowiea Volubilis -  Sea onions succulent , curious small round ball shaped  bulbs showy
  • -         Holmscholdia Sanguineus  beautiful  orange flowers like Bougainvalliea type ,  during mid winter
  • -         Lonicera ( Honeysuckle )  handsome  evergreen
  • -         Nympheas ( Water lily )  mixture of varieties  from  named  
  • -         Nolina Recurvata  ( Beaucarnea  ) pony tail of fountain tree  perennial ,  bulbous succulent ,  ornamental ,  popular every where
  • -         Indian orchids- A collection of 10-12 different varieties suitable for tropical and sub-tropical climates.
  • -         Rangoon creeper(Malati) – Very floriferous .Heavy climber.
  • -         Indian orchids  a collection of
  • -         Thunbergia Fragrans -  light Himalayan  creeper  producing medium white flowers from May  to  August
  • -         Light blue flowers ,  heavy climber
  • -         Tecoma Rosea -  Flowers resembles  Bigonia  Magnifica in shape semi  climber pink inner maroon patch  flowers
  • -         Trachaelospermum Jasmanoides -  white scented  flowers small bunches





Caryota urens – Fishtailed palm, good for pots in young stages.


Livingstinia chinensis – China fan palm in pot for verandah decoration.


Chameodaraelegans – Table palm


Zamia fisherii – A family of Cycads , rare, dwarf , ornamental shy grower with late growth.




Agave Victoria Regia – Slow grower succulent

Aechmea fasciata – Bright red flowers


Callistemon (Bottlebrush tree)Perennial tree of medium height good for avenues and parks.

Cryptomeria  Japonica  X’ Mas tree ,  ornamental  use in Christmas  occasions

Elegans -  Another showy ornamental  foliage with darker green leaves , different from above,

Cunninghamia  Sinensis -  Araucaria like tree ,  native of  Australia ,

Cephalotaxus  Drupacea -  ornamental  medium  height   tree bushy compact ,  good   for  bonsai  trailing ,


Juniperus  Prostrata -  prostrate form for bonsai ,  covering  slopes on ridges ,

  • n Africanus  pyramid  shaped ,


Thuja compacta-  roud shaped 

Thuja Fragrant  ( Plicata )  scented  thuja,

Thuja Deolbata   variegated  leaf 

Thuja plicata  dwarf


Veriesia  Splendens  - Succulent ,  rare,





Agloenema  Plicta -   green  broad  leaves  ,  center with broad  distinct white good  foliage , 

Asplenium  Nidus -  bird  nest  fern,  hardy , 

Alstromeria  Tricolour -  bulbous  plant fern like  foliage  with medium   flowers in tricolour of red , black and pink patches or splashed.

Adiantum(Maiden hair fern)

Adiantum Lunulatum

Canna dwarf hybrids

Chrysanthemum mixed – Incurved spider mixed and other types

Cymbidium hybrids – Small size 2 years old plant to flower.


Cymbidium lowianum – Native of Burmah , olive green with red middle ribs of sepals, flowers last for 30-45 days

                  - Tracyianum – Description as above but flowers in November.


Dieffenbeckia Exotica – White green border and splashes ornamental and good propagator.

     Mrs. Rhoes – Leaves splashed with yellow and white.

Gymnogramme Sulphurea –( Golden fern)


Ficus Triangularis



        Black Prince

      Elastica decora



Magnolia Pterocarpa

  • -         Fuscata Scented creamy white


Musa Sapientum – Comes from the wild use for decoration.


Rose Miniature

        Viridiflora Green rose, Curious.

Selaginella Immeliana –

               Var. Aurea – Golden shade when mature

  • -         Serpens- Common variety.





Insignis – Brownish green leaves

Kummeriana – Variegated white and green.

Leuconeras Kershoviana – Rare and shy propagator, pencil like red art lining on green leaves.Very ornamental.


New species .Feather like form and inner with chocolate or brown .Looks like feather.

Medico spicta

Setosa – Leaves green with white band , distinct upto 3-4’ tall.

Luitzii – Chocolate and green , good propagator.

Zebrina – Zebra striped leaf.



Aerides Multiflorum

Aerides Odoratum

Coelgyne Cristata

Cymbidium Devonianum

Cymbidium Clancifolium

Dendrobium Densiflorum

Dendrobium Moschatum

Dendrobium Fimbriatum

Dendrobium Peirardie

Dendrobium Chrysantum

Dendrobium Farmeri

Dendrobium Formosum

Dendrobium Nobile

Dendrobium Jenkinsii

Dendrobium Ochreatum

Dendrobium Aggregatum

Dendrobium Parishii

Dendrobium Chrysototoxum

Dendrobium Amblum

Phaenopsis Manii

Phaenopsis Loddigessii

Phaenopsis Parishii

Thunia Marshalliana

Vanda Teres

Rynchostylis Ratusae



Gladiolus Bulbs



American Flame

Tiger Flame

Candy Man

White Prosperity

Tropic Seas


Chipper White



Wine and Roses

Sunset Sky






Moon Magic

Summer Pearl

Her Majesty






Ephorbia Trigona (hermentiana)

Ephorbia Tuberosa

Ephorbia Tuberculata

Ephorbia Carcasana songuinea

Ephorbia cladestina

Ephorbia Splendens ( Milli)

Ephorbia Mammilaris

Ephorbia Nesemani

Ephorbia Tirucall

Ephorbia Splendens

Ephorbia Lactea

Ephorbia Grandicornis

Ephorbia Leuconeura

Ephorbia Horrida

Ephorbia Pseudocactus






Astrophytum 2 Varieties

Ancetocactus 1 variety

Echinocereus 4 varieties

Gymnocalcium 4 varieties

Chamaecereus 3 varieties

Lobivia 4 varieties

Noto Cactus 4 varieties






Achiemenes assorted mixes

Agapanthus umbellatus(Blue Nile Lily)

  “              Amaryllis exotic double flower red

“                formossissma (exotic apchid fld.)

“              hipeastrlic (sprekella)

“             in 6 different name varieties

“            dutch mixed

“           mixed



Alocassia jentrisii

Dowea volubilis

Cyrtanthus makenii(Cream white)

    “             red

Curcuma zeodariana (Showy flowers)

“                                   White flowers

Caladium fancy leaves mixed mostly red

Eucharis amazonia grandiflora (White flowers)

Fressia large fld. Assorted

             Dutch mixed

Glorisa carsonii



               lutea (yellow)

            wine red

Gloxina  hybrid mixed

               Double flower exotic

Globba vintii

Haemanthus multiflorus (football lily)

Hamerocallis (day lily- yellow)

                        Double- orange red

Hadychium (Butterfly lily) mixed

Kaempferia rotunda (Scented violet blue)


Lilum longiflorum


         Trigrinum Tiger Lily

Lycoris Aurea – Yellow flower


Zepranthes robusta (Pink)

                   Rosea (Rose red)

                  Candida (White)

                 Citrina ( Yellow)


Crinum ammonium

Crinum moorei

Ornthogalum-thyrosoides (Chincheriinchee).


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